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December 31, 2018



I love rambutan, but yes, they are not supposed to be that color outside. But where on earth did you find them???

My externally favorite fruit in that family, though, is the mangosteen, which in my opinion looks *exactly* like what "fruit" would be in a video game; the rambutan, or Red Tribble Fruit, is a close runner up, though, in my personal fruit-entertainment olympics.

(Favorite fruits for actually eating are probably something like: blueberries, mangoes, raspberries, custard apples, pears. But almost all fruit, when it's good, is good. Except durian and jackfruit and some papaya breeds and probably there are other exceptions that other people would take exception to, but that I'm not presently thinking of...)


KC- They were just there at the grocery - most likely Dierbergs, but possibly Walmart or Schnucks.
It tasted like a giant grape with a giant seed. Given that I can get seedless grapes, I’ll just go with those.
I have never in my life had a good mango.


You know, green seedless grapes are indeed probably the closest normal-American thing in terms of texture and flavor to that family of fruit, and I have never previously been able to tag them with anything at all. Thank you! (they do all taste slightly different, but mangosteen, lychee, rambutan, etc. are fairly similar, anyway, in my limited experience - similar in the way most eating-grape varieties are similar, anyway?)

Obviously, they're better properly fresh than not, though, so if you're ever somewhere where they grow and spot them when they're in season, then it's probably worth re-trying them. (but the flavor difference is probably closer to Fresh Apple Off The Tree vs. Grocery Store Apple rather than Really Good Strawberry Off The Vine vs. California Out of Season Giant Flavorless Strawberry)

Sorry about your mango experiences (or rather, lack thereof). :-( When they're good, they're so good... otherwise... not so much.


KC - I haven’t had a fresh strawberry for years. This next year I am going to the farm by myself.

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