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December 07, 2018



Yep. The rule I try to stick to with New Learning Endeavors (coding, knitting, whatever) is:

One new thing per project (or project segment), no more.

So, if knitting, a new project must not require both a new style (like when I went from regular back-and-forth knitting to knitting in the round with DPNs; I think maybe casting on a top-down hat with DPNs gives you the best sense for how a dyslexic spider might feel?) *and* a new kind of stitch I have't done before. One or the other is fine, but not both (ideally).

On that theory, I would suggest painting a human (or maybe a sculpture/bust/something?) you're not emotionally attached to, *then* when you're decently satisfied with that, trying out the human you are attached to. Humans are especially hard; we see them more clearly than we see errors in apples, so they look Unnatural with surprising ease, and humans we really *know* have the easiest time looking not-like-themselves, because even if a stranger wouldn't get it because that's a plausible eyebrow position for a human being to have, *this* person wouldn't ever have their eyebrow quite like that...

(however: that is a fabulous photo and I highly endorse trying to recreate it sometime! And maybe even having a whack at it now, as long as all parties involved are at least adequately fine with Gary looking slightly freakish. But... definitely not with materials you've never worked with before, oy.)


KC - I Agee. Hard for me to remember that hobbies are supposed to be fun, sometimes.

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