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December 09, 2018



I vote for both. But not both at once unless you *really* like lounging on tables.

There is definitely a scarf category where it's heavy enough to be a table runner if you want it to be, but where the item is still meant to be a heavy-weight scarf. Because of the fringe, I suspect that what you have there is *meant* to be a scarf rather than a table-runner - I can't imagine trying to "comb" the fringe straight on a table - but if it's meant to be a longer-than-the-table-runner-by-more-than-the-fringe, then it could be a table runner, I suppose. I just generally assume that table runners are made in such a way that they *could* be put on a table that is longer than they are without a great deal of gnashing of teeth.

Wondering if finding a pair of super-light, silky pyjama pants might be easier than finding official Slips For Pants? Either way, I'm not brave enough to face down those search results... good luck!


KC - I thought about the pajamas, too. But I think the waist elastic would be too bulky.


If the pyjamas are sufficiently light-weight as to not have a full enclosed waistband, in my (admittedly somewhat limited) experience, the waist elastic is (sometimes unfortunately) inconsequential.

Honestly, the cheapest ones may work the best - what you probably want to look for, if you wanted to look in that direction, is a set of pyjamas where the elastic is just zig-zag stitched onto (the inside of) the pant fabric rather than encased; this indicates that it's more of a "wrist elastic" weight than the normal waistband weight (unless, I suppose, there are two zig-zag lines to accommodate wider elastic, but I've never actually seen that done).

(... and it turned out that I was initially correct: I did *not* want to see those search results. But this is the trashy, poorly-finished "waistband" style that I was thinking of: https://www.amazon.com/Pajamas-Trousers-Sleepwear-Nightwear-Palazzo/dp/B07JW8PV1D/ )(for $5, I could practically guarantee that it's not actually silk. And if one goes for Amazon, one could easily just buy official Slips For Pants! But whatever. It's a proof of concept or something...)


KC - hilarious. Your five dollar pajama pants come with the exact same photo as my eighteen dollar pants slips, which I already purchased and tried on and hung up and threw away the packaging. The tiers on the bottom are the snip-a-length feature you can use to shorten the “slip” to fit your legs and pants.


That is a rather spectacular coincidence, I admit! (if it's any comfort, the $5 ones are probably "seconds" from the Proper Pants Slip Manufacturing Process, plus they're actually $9 with shipping. But hey, if you ever need another pair in a different color, now you know where you can get more...)

Did you actually need to snip to get the right length? I have giraffe legs and nothing is ever long enough, but if something were made extra long in such a way that people could trim it, maybe it'd work...


KC - it’s rare I encounter pants too long for me. I have short legs but enough butt and thigh to take up any extra cloth.

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