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November 28, 2018



I wonder if there's a little dog-in-basket ornament from The Wizard of Oz... but I'm sure that what you've found is far more tasteful and restrained.

(yes, you've never seen me before. I just read/quietly-giggled through maybe two pages of your blog archives and have been thoroughly enjoying them, so I wanted to leave a comment because behold, I appreciate you blogging and anticipate further entertainment from delving more into the Past Sands of Time. Thank you!)


KC (Hello KC!) - I thought the same thing, but evidently adding “toilet” to your search cancels out the “Toto.”
Here’s what I ended up with:


It opens! And closes! Oooh, the features!

But regarding the product description: does your imagination stretch to the capacity of coming up with a kind of fashionista whoi would use that as a keychain? Mine is usually fairly elastic, but all I can come up with is... a fashionista who is particularly outspoken about the Trials and Travails of IBS?

I do think it'll make a memorable commemorative ornament, however. :-)


(OH! And you are a real human being in possession of a Toto toilet who speaks English and who does not have a vested interest in selling them! I have had a question for probably three years now: what happens during power outages? Does the toilet still work? Obviously the electricity-requiring features would not be working, but can it be manually flushed like a normal toilet that does not use electricity? Our house is a single-toilet house [sigh] in an area with occasional power outages, so this has kept me from Toto toilets thus far...)


KC- yeah, I only saw one review, from a man who was very proud of his toilet keychain, because no one else had one like it.
We have only the toilet. We shunned the toilet seat, where all the fancy bidets and buttons doodads are. Here is why: the seat contains the electronics, and people tend to break the electronics when they stand on the seat. To discourage seat-standing, they made the seat one of those cushy seats, which we cannot abide. So, we don’t have the fancy stuff on the seat, and we don’t have the extra “toilet skirt” that encircles the bottom half and makes it look less like a toilet. We just have the basic non-electronic toilet, which is itself utterly phenomenal. Just a light bounce of the handle and there is a deafening flush that pulls everything into the sewer in less than a second.


KC _ also, if I were you I would skip the historical archives and just use the link on the top right, the one that says It’s Too Much To Read. Even I get sick of me after a few pages.


I thought all the Toto toilets plugged into an electrical outlet in the wall, because the flush is reputedly power-assisted! (hence the nervousness as to whether it would flush during a power outage) But apparently not! Is there any chance you have a model number or something? I did entirely too much looking online at Toto reviews and translations of reviews and really came up with nothing except that one non-toilet-possessing sales site said that the Toto nightlight built into a particular model would be especially useful during a power outage and... unless this toilet comes with some serious batteries installed, or has a water-power-based electric generator, or something equivalently weird, I am not sure how that would happen? So I was skeptical of the remainder of that "review" of features.

I am totally fine with a toilet looking like a toilet, and am apparently-unusually unenthusiastic about a toilet *not* looking like a toilet. Although I grasp and appreciate the "fewer weird crannies to clean around on the floor" argument I ran across in reviews, eh, I would personally slightly rather have the toilet be immediately identifiable as a toilet to any visitors who urgently need to pee.

Thank you for the pointer to the It's Too Much to Read link! I will take advantage of that whenever I get sick of paging backwards, but having just hit the Alanis Meowrissette post, which I am 98% sure would not make it to a Top Posts list, and having been entertained to a really absurd degree, I'll maybe stick with it for now, if that is not too creepy? (but probably just a page or two per day. If your historic post production exceeds my anticipated lifespan, then I suppose I should alter my methods...)


KC - here you go. Plus a warning - the tank top slopes, so no boxes of tissues on top the tank.

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