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April 25, 2018



I think you look great in the brown one, although I think the blond is a better color for you. The problem with the opinions you have been getting is that they are coming from people who are used to seeing you in crepe hair (I have fine crepe hair, too), so fuller hair on you looks strange to them because it's not "you".

If you would like to try some reasonably priced wigs, I highly recommend TLC (https://www.tlcdirect.org/Wigs-for-Cancer-and-Chemotherapy-Patients-TLC-Wig-Collection-American-Cancer-Society-TLC-Direct). The wigs are made for cancer patients, but anyone can buy them, and they aren't priced to make a vanity-based profit, but enough that you help out the ACS.


Somehow the parenthesis at the end of that link got included, so it doesn't work. Stupid Blogger. Here it is plain:


jessica fantastica

Yeah I also think you look great in the brown one!


I quite like like the wigs, actually. It's probably different seeing a photo rather than seeing them live, in action, but I think they look cute. So much so that I'm considering getting one, although I always thought that they would be both hot and itchy. Are they?

Also, to hijack the comments to talk about your previous post, what's this about returning the prize money from trivia night? I had no idea that was a thing. I now I have trivia prize money taking guilt. All those free appetizers, JESUS.


Silk - that's funny, for some reason I feel wrong looking at the wig shops located by the hospital because I feel like I'd be taking a wig out of the hands of a fine-haired brunette cancer survivor. But a lower price might knock away that guilt. Actually, we found out Gary's long-time hair stylist sells wigs now, so that's probably where I'd go. Still,I might not get a wig yet, since the Bumble and Bumble Thickening spray is actually pretty effective.
jessica fantastica - It needs to be shorter. I think that's the issue with the brown one.
Lynn - I only wore it about fifteen minutes at the office, so not long enough to get hot or itch, but the person who brought it in says yes, they are hot, they itch, they slip, and they are a pain to take off at night. She turned on them in favor of scarves at first, and now a higher-maintneance semi-permanently bonded wig that stays adhered for six weeks.
ANd giving the money back may be just a Saint Louis charity thing. Trivia here is the go-to charity fundraiser. The prize is essentially your admission money back, and when you win it's worth the admission, plus you came to help the cause anyway.

Friend #3

I still think you should explore it more. You can pull it off with the right style and color. I have a friend who went from extremely tight curly to a straight, highlighted blond bob wig. It's a rather unfortunate look for her, but she feels better with it than she did with her natural hair.


Friend #3 - I woke up this morning with a completely bald patch over my ear. A shot of the Bumble and Bumble stuff fluffed it up. I don't think I'd ever go blond, but I could see wavy and brown.

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