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March 17, 2018



- If you haven't already, yell at him and let him know exactly how you feel.
- Put a camper john (some of them are very nice) in your bedroom so you don't have to leave the room.
- Carry a baseball bat (my original thought was gun) with you for self defense, and USE it when startled. No jury of your peers would convict you.
- Don't go back to your room. Go to HIS room after the potty trip.
- Put something that would scare him, like a giant fake spider?, in your bed when you're not in it.
- Put a lock on your door.
- Give up and enjoy his weird sense of humor, kind of in exchange for his cooking. Just don't laugh - that's a reward.


~~Silk - I have tried doing the same to him, but I just giggle too hard.

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