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February 27, 2018


Big Dot

I went to the Blue Dog Cafe in Lafayette, so that bit was super-familiar - plus, in New Orleans, I won a guitar in a lucky draw and had to haul it all the way home. I tried to play a chord but my fingers wouldn't stretch so I decided to sell it. It's still in the cupboard though. I saw someone playing one on their knees and that looked easier. What do you reckon?
I ate at the Cafe Beignet too...


Big Dot - So, do you mean the person knelt and put the guitar on the floor and played it like a dulcimer? That would be easier. Most people complain that their fingers get sore until you grow calluses. My hands don't stretch enough either, but there are ten different ways to play every chord, and some are easier than others. I can't play any "barre" chords.

Erin Savage

I love that Gary thought you wanted to buy that ugly paper towel holder!


Erin Savage - He lives in his own reality.

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