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February 13, 2018



Not a horse. That's a mule. Mules are used on the streets of NO by law, because they cam withstand the heat (reflecting off the surface) whereas horses can't.

So, did you earn your beads the traditional way?


I too am totally fed up with the cold. We were in New Orleans in July. Holy heat. My 12 yr old son, thinking it was fat Tuesday, overate when we took him to a restaurant. My kids will be in therapy for years because I bring most of our meals with us when we travel. He puked during the night and was still puking a bit when we were in the TSA line. I promise - in case you knew anyone on that flight - he wasn't sick!


~~Silk - not the traditional way, but I did see a man on a balcony taunt a girl below with beads and insist she show her breasts. She defied him and got the beads anyway. We also saw two women walking about with nothing but glitter covering their nipples, which seems very efficient.
Ernie - I heard from a vendor in NOLA that Saint Louis, where I live, is the only city that equals NOLA in humidity in the summer. I can't imagine visiting there in July,

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