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These letters are delightful and amazing. It has filled me with sadness at our digital age. I mean, every email I ever sent and received is archived on Google, but who is ever going to sift through 50,000 emails full of happy birthday wishes and notes to pick up TP on the way home and requests from my mother for the name of my eavestrophing guy, just to find the few nuggets of truly important and passionate stuff?

It makes me value my blog more, because those are a more concrete set of diary entries that actually track at least my side of the story. If only the important figures in my life also had blogs and told the other half.


Lynn - First, I have enjoyed several husband and wife blogs, but invariably the husband drops out. Well except for Rude Cactus / So the Fish Said, where they both dropped off simultaneously. Second - eavestrophing! Not a word we have in the Midwest.So much more specific than "gutters."

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