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August 12, 2017



I adore your mother's retirement rules. I'm putting them on a sampler.


Keep working. And Happy Birthday!


Lynn - She adapted it from my Dad's plan- only Dad's plan relied heavily on watching multiple sporting events at once.
Hattie - I know I should ... but I don't wanna. Dad retired for ten years, and Mom didn't, then Dad died. Had she known what was ahead, Mom would have preferred to retire with him. But, yes, I think I'll be bored.


Well, travel as much as you can. That's the main thing. I am so grateful for all the traveling we've done. I don't sit around feeling nostalgic about my work, that's for sure.


Hattie - After a while, I'm afraid that's going to mean traveling without Gary. He's been pretty happy for travel adventure recently, though. maybe he'll be able to keep up in his eighties.

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