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April 04, 2017



I am becoming acquainted with this kind of relationship to my body,which until very recently I regarded as my private property. Now I'm a chronic sicko.
I'm sorry that you are having these bladder infections but glad you are treating them the best way available.

Mage Bailey

Oh, the modern reality. We have no humanity left.


Hattie - I hope they are making an effort to make you feel special. Because you are special.
Mage (Hi Mage!) - This is true. I know that on the days I would spend every hour at the hospital for my clinical trial I would feel like a hunk of meat.

Mrs. Hall

YES. keep a dose of antibiotics on hand for the frequent UTIs.


Mrs. Hall - I have about five left. That's why I stopped too early, I'm conserving them. I don't suppose I have to explain to my doctor why the infections are recurring after years of quiet.


I thought you were Spartacus.


Marcia - Pink Pee is my slave name.

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