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December 24, 2016



I'm glad you evaded the deer, for its sake and yours.


Oh, off topic, but is it true what they say about the food of St. Louis? I've heard it's unique.


Hattie - there are a number of unique foods.
1) The pizza. Cracker thin and covered with processed cheese. Think Velveeta, only with white cheese not orange. I like it when it's done well, and it often isn't.
2) Gooey Butter Cake. Like a sweet yellow brownie covered with powdered sugar. Theres no way to make this wrong. Theres a gooey center for those who like that and chewey edges for me.
3) Toasted Ravioli. A crispy treat in the very non-crispy Italian cuisine. My favorite. It fills a vital need.
4) Pork Steak. It's also known as Boston Blade steak. Divine when barbequed well. Rather nasty and fatty when not.

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