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November 26, 2016



Oh, yes. Everyone is talking about the Gilmore Girls. Must do a look-see.
Man relatives are a pain. Without a comma!


Ellen: When you put something in writing about me and/or my family, can you try and not exaggerate. My nephew did not yell at me, his Aunt, nor is he dead to his Grandparents or family. Plus he was staying at your's and my brother's house, to give my sick father some rest.

If you don't like us, please feel free to not show up for any future family gatherings.


Hattie - get ready to listen. There is a lot of talking.
Karen - I relied on Gary for the information about who argued with who, and he does exaggerate. However, for what went on in my house under my nose, I don't know how to convince you that I'm not exaggerating except to give more detail, which I imagine you don't want me to do.


Ellen...you did NOT offer your home, it was already planned a few days before. Our nephew will NEVER be dead to my family. And like I said before, if you don't even consider us family, why come to family events.

Please keep your lie's to yourself or write a fiction novel. I do not find your insults the least bit amusing.


After I 'slept on' my comments...I do want you to know we do want you to come to our family events, because, you ARE family to us.


Karen, Dad's arm looks great good job. By the way, Ellen offered our house when we heard that Farhan was not coming because Dad was too sick to have overnight visitors. Talk to you later.


Hmmm. Why do I feel like Mitt Romney right now.

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