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June 20, 2016



I probably could have been talked into trying the peach or the chocolate custard, but when you get right down to it, I really don't like cake donuts. They seem heavy to me. I do, however, love the big puffy raised donuts, especially glazed, the ones that when you pinch them in your fingers they squish right down, but they don't seen to be made anywhere any more. At least not the REAL ones. Does Gary like those?


I'm gaining weight just looking at the photos.


~~Silk - I never liked them until Mom had me get them every week. If it's made perfectly, a cake donut is light. Hard to get a good one, though.
Hattie - I think I;m gaining weight just having them in the freezer.


I cannot think of anything finer than the phrase, "All my calories today came from donuts." Tomorrow is the last day of school before I am bombarded by three children all day, every day, so I think I know how I am going to ease the pain!


Lynn - I hope the beginning of summer donut helped.

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