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May 17, 2016



It's okay to be emotional. I'm sorry you don't have anyone to safely 'vent' with, without it escalating into an issue. That sucks. Sounds like time for meditation, long walks outside, and some "So Hum." (it works GREAT for me!) Good luck!


Kailani - it may be okay, but it just doesn't work in my marriage.


I can't stand drama in my personal life! It's OK for kids, but adults who can't control their emotions are not people I'm willing to be around.


I'm sorry you can't vent to Gary. At least you can blog.


Hattie - I see myself becoming one of those people who can't control her emotions. Don't like it. Visiting the counselor in three weeks.
Dawn - that is true. And I'm also thinking of asking a low-emotion friend to step into the role of sister.

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