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April 28, 2016



That looks amazing! You should be very proud!


LT - Hi LT . I am proooooud. I am also not sitting on it at all. I'll be proud after it holds up after two fat people sit on it.

Big Dot

Very impressive - well done. I've done lots of furniture restoration but only the wood, not the upholstery. Too hard. But you've done an excellent job.

I'm also impressed by your throwaway reference to making the stained glass table. Cmon, detail! Did you do the glass, make the frame, what? Keen to know.


That is really beautiful.


Big Dot - I made everything but the black thing it all sits on: the legs and support for the frame.
Hattie - it has inspired Gary to fix a fan instead of getting a new one.


Beautiful job on the settee, table, too. Nice well-padded bottoms are unlikely to hurt it. Spreads the weight out. It's those skinny folks you have to watch out for.


Silk - I find your words encouraging.


You have every right to be smug!


Jammies - even though I still haven't sat on it, it is beginning to wrinkle. I don;t know how this is possible. Could Gary be sitting on it?

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