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March 23, 2016


Gary Schmidt

Ellen left off the truly remarkable thing. We haven't been to see that bird for 5 years. I tried to get it to talk and got nothing. Ellen tipped her head back and let out a loud Caw! The bird eyed her for a moment up and down and responded with an almost identical Caw! It was spooky.


Ha! Brilliantly told.


You need to expand this enthusiastic thread to all of Forest Park, which is a platinum gem to Saint Louis - so many attractions - all free admission - and SO BEAUTIFUL!

I love Forest Park and everything in it.


We love our small zoo in Hilo, Hawaii. We just got a pair of young tigers who could not be happier in their new home.


Gary Schmidt - five years is not so long to a bird.
Lynn - did you notice it rhymes? Gary didn't notice it was a poem.
Surveymarc - we took a segue tour once, and it amazed us that we saw parts of the park I had never seen.
Hattie - our tiger is old and seems pretty arrogant.


Sounds like he might be the patriarch Missouri Tiger....


Surveymarc- I have no loyalty to Mizzou, so tiger slams will not get a rise out of me.


But you must admit they play a little on the association between the two with signage on Tiger pen cage.


Surveymarc - do they? I didn't notice the sign. Is he named Mizzou? Ha! Miz-zoo. That would be funny.




Surveymarc - that is awesome.

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