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March 31, 2016



Hey, you lost a lot of weight. Of course your old earrings no longer fit, so you need to replace the jewelry wardrobe.

Um, what's a "collar earring"? The examples you showed from Macy's and Overstock look like plain old post earrings.

(On eBay, you have to pay at least, bare minimum, $20 for decent earrings, and that's only if you happen to win on the first bid.)


~~Silk - only the first one is a collar. If you look at the side view of the first photo, that disassembles into a normal post pearl earring, that goes in the front of your ear, and then the triangular ray thing is positioned behind your ear, then the post goes through that, and is then all capped with a standard earring back. The ash ethical ones, with stars and leaves, are the climbers.


Oh, I get it. Part of the earring is in front of the earlobe, and part behind? Cool. I'm not up on current earring styles. My ears aren't pierced, so I buy "vintage" on eBay and Ruby Lane.


~~Silk - yep, there were a lot of vintage clip-ons, and they were more expensive than the pierced.


Also, I thought I got two from Amazon, but when they arrived there were four, a forgettable pair of silver studs and a dangly navy blue pair for the navy suit.

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