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February 28, 2016



I have to say, stories like this - of grown women trying to intervene in the way their grown children wear their hair - are so common it makes me worry that this kind of thinking is inevitable. Someday, when I'm 75, will I be calling up my son and begging him to get a mullet? POSSIBLY. So I figure I better print out this post and keep it on me at all times as a reminder that I was sane once. SHIVER.


Lynn- That's right. No mullets or any space-age hairstyles that will be 20 years passe by then.


My MIL had meager amounts of hair, so she always wanted me to keep my hair short so as not to compete. God rest her soul.


Hattie - sounds like the time the Queen of England got pissed off because princess Di wore her hair up. I'm very lucky in having the mil I do.

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