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February 23, 2016



Bags are seductive! Must decant into bowl, or you are lost.

Mrs. Hall

you entered it though. GOOD FOR YOU!!!


Me too. It's the salty and sweet together, isn't it? For me it's Kettle Corn and chocolate covered pretzels. MMMM.


I'm like that too. A friend brought a bag of Maui Brand Potato chips to a meeting yesterday, and I was lost. Sweets don't entice me at all.


~~Silk- did decant into bowl, but then decanted nearby bag into bowl multiple times.
Mrs hall - yep. I would feel proud of myself, but I washed my jeans and now they're snug again.
Lynn - yes, and guess what Gary brought home WITH the kettle corn? Three types of covered pretzels: yogurt, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate. See how I can eat only two tiny pretzels at a time.
Hattie - even if it's salty AND sweet?

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