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November 21, 2015



I'm still a ten-minutes late person. And a four-a.m.-to-eleven-a.m. sleeper. I totally did not know that about everyone else being late too - I appreciate you letting me in on the secret.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Hall

Michael is ALWAYS LATE. but he knows nothing really starts on time so it's no biggie. I'm always early, 15 min at least.

but lately i've taken to being just on time. or as i also found out, early enough.


Allison - Now you know. And try sleeping without the alarm. It really worked for me.
Hattie - the same to you!
Mrs. Hall - Work starts on time. Meetings ... theater performances won't even let you in if you are late. Everything starts on time!


I am perpetually early, but I've been working on my manners. If I get someplace 20 minutes before I'm supposed to meet someone, I'll wait until about 5 minutes before. When the person shows up, I say, "No, I just got here." I wake up before 3 a.m. sometimes. The alarm is set for 3:30, with my "warning/get ready for work" alarm set to 5:15. I still think the person who shows up 15 - however many minutes late (unless reasonable excuse, traffic, severed artery, etc.) is disrespectful of the other person's time.


Becs - I dont think any of the people who show up fifteen minutes late are disrespectful, unless they are leading the meeting. In that case, they are wasting other people's time.

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