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October 31, 2015



Simplicity lives forever! Yeah! And switching the doors from left to right is not a problem if you get THEM to do it before they deliver it.

But you are right to worry about moving it. Washing machines and refrigerators live forever --- as long as they are never moved.

(I still think you will regret stainless steel. The "stainless" is a lie!)

Big Dot

Move it very gently, and keep it absolutely upright, and it may survive the trip. Interesting to think what you may find underneath it, after 27 years. The beer fridge in the garage is a total fixture here in NZ - ours held mostly wine until I discovered wheat beer last year. And beer with raspberry cordial in it! (It's purist-acceptable - the Germans drink it.)


I've been thinking about it, and I still don't understand. You want a larger refrigerator, but the space where the current refrigerator is looks limited. Can you get a refrigerator with larger innards, but the same outers?

And also, did Gary consider two smaller bowls for salad? (I like vertical-sided bowls because they fit better everywhere.)


Here, the thing is to have a fridge in the basement. When my old clunker gave out, I made Sears haul it away.

It's been at least five years and I still don't like my fridge, so choose wisely.

Mrs. Hall

@ ~~silk vertical sided bowls?


Mrs. Hall - Bowls with straight up and down sides, like this: http://www.amazon.com/Quality-Large-Glass-Round-Salad/dp/B00S6SL0XO/

Pyrex makes a lot of bowls with straight vertical sides, many with storage covers.


We got the cheapest model fridge at Sears for the basement. It has no freezer. It's where we keep all perishables, even staple items like flour, corn meal, cereals, etc., because we live in the tropics and stuff spoils fast. Beer goes in there too. We also got the cheapest small chest style freezer they had for meat, etc. Upstairs we have a stainless steel fridge that is holding up well and also has no freezer. For ice, we got a counter top ice cube maker. Nothing ever goes wrong with any of these machines, because they are all very simple.


~~Silk - The door problem isn't the act of switching the doors, but the awkardness of having no place to set the bowls we just got out of the fridge, unless we wanted to put them right in the pantry. BTW, my brother swears by Olive Oil to clean his stainless fridge. Also, i's six incles taller and 4 inches deeper, plus since the insides are more minaturized that gives more space. And it makes the technology last ten years instead of 27.
Big Dot - It appears to have survived for six days so far. I was at the doctor and missed the whole thing. I also missed the clotheswasher delivery and the new chair delivery.
Becs - We have a chest freezer in our basement, bringing out freezer count up to three now.
Mrs. Hall/~~Silk - I thought she meant bins and typed bowls. Thanks for clarifying.
Hattie - That's my plan. That was my plan with my old clotheswasher. too, but the new washer only lasted ten years or so.

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