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September 29, 2015



hahaha I lost it at the afro wigs. I don't know what offended me more: The afro wigs, or the fact that the kid was seriously behind tempo.

Naw, just kidding. It was DEFINITELY the afro wigs.


You sure get around.
-I scaled down my expectations and I was entertained.- Been there myself.
That last photo blew me away.
When did everything get so retro, I ask myself.


Too much PC Koolaid. When Eddie Murphy did a satire of Mr. Rogers were you properly offened? Then shame on you.


RockyCt- Let me tell ou, that kid's heart was not in it. She needs to watch a few episodes of Dance Moms and work on her Maddie face.
Hattie - Especially when it's retro and I remember it as new...
Zayrina - You didn't referwnce White Like Me?

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