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August 11, 2015



Yeah, my sense of humor is pretty much gone, too. I don't feel a perpetual bubbling rage but occasionally, I get this crazy mad spike of anger that my wiser self knows I need to cool off, and quick.

I don't even have a uterus anymore but I'm pretty sure my ovaries have long since turned against me.


I am always kind of "angry" with people and have never felt any real need to hide my feelings so the "pause" didn't have any real impact that way.

I used to get hugely uptight on road trips especially if we missed a turn or got lost. Santa has taught me to deal with it differently and simply yells, "adventure!" and manages to turn it into one. I have learned to relax and go with it.


Every once in a while I surprise myself by lashing out in response to things like pretty young people giving me that glassy-eyed look as if I didn't exist if a presume to make a friendly remark, or being herded around when in a crowd by little pipsqueaks in uniform. And the pecking away at devices interspersed with stupid yacking and looking at pictures of selfies and the crappy food everywhere: well, I could go on. I refuse to drive in Seattle, which is approaching gridlock levels and becoming too hard to deal with. Not to say that anyone's going to get out of their cars! Perish the thought!
We need to get away from each other. A lot. And we are forced into each others' company all the time. And alas, being Americans, we aren't always too good at common courtesies. I mean, crowded as we are, we have got to very courteous.
Oh, and a special shout-out to the girls who like to fiddle with their long hair and flop it around in confined quarters such as airplanes. And the people who spend a fortune to fly but never check their luggage just to save a buck and make life hell for flight attendants who end up having to stow their crap for them; these are hard-working women who don't even get tips!
Peasants who think they are aristocrats, that's what they are.
And you thought you were a curmudgeon!


Not even to mention manspreading, of which I saw many examples on the trip I just came back from. Gotta keep those jewels nice and cool!


Sorry for all the dumb typos. Don't hate me for them. Please.


Becs - That's it! The spike that comes out of nowhere! Why are all the murders cmmitted by young people? That makes no sense. Perhaps old people are smart enough to not get caught.
Zayrina - Gary used to be a touch less stressed about driving, but now he's a delicate flower. We can't have two stressed people in the car.
Hattie -I'm with you on the manspreading and the luggage. And I picture you typing in a blind rage, so the typos are understandable.

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