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December 16, 2014



My hair has gotten crazy long. It is nearly down to my buttocks. I usually wear it in a pony-tail and it is insane how people touch it, usually grabbing my long pony-tail and giving it a yank. First off, ouch, you just irritated the problem I am having with my neck and second, ewwww cooties in my hair. Patients grab my hair, asking if it is real, people walk by and bat it back and forth.

What on earth compels people to think this is ok?


Okay, setting aside the oddness of that entire situation - cannot believe you wrote this post without telling us what kind of conditioner you use. THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME.


Well, cripes, now I want to feel your hair. Can you send a lock? (That's not creepy at all, right?)


When my nephew, a teen-ager and flaxen haired, ventured into public in Tokyo, school children would gather around him, touch his hair and say, "Gaijin! Gaijin!" This sounds like what happened to you.


Awwww! That is a very sweet family story. I think they love you!


Lynn- Well technically it's OGX Thick & Full Conditioner, but I think its softness comes from weakness and fragility.
Rosie - I have so little hair I cannot spare a lock, otherwise I would just BECAUSE it's creepy.
Becs - Outsider! Kind of like the opposite of "One of us! One of us!"
Hattie - Hair is their Love Language, I guess.

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