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November 12, 2014



I am in the "Surprise, you're a teenager" phase, too. I go 3 months and then Superstorm Suebob hits. And it is always timed perfectly to trips or vacation. Like this week. Gah.


Hysterectomy. I recommends it highly. There are issues though, the hot flashes appear never ending, etc. Menopause can last a long, long time.

Oh and the forgetting the tampon thing is extremely dangerous and is the fast track to toxic shock. Don't wear them if you think you might forget them.


I had problems with severe cramps since the age of eleven so when the ob/gyn said "hysterectomy", I said "Sign me up. Now." I wish I'd had it done years and years ago.


Hmm. I kind of snuck through menopause. Didn't visit a doc and didn't take hormones. But then I never even took birth control pills. I guess I'm a gynocological delinquent.


I'm in the off-the-pill-for-a-year apocalyptic-period perimenopause stage. Which is just awesome.


I kind of snuck through menopause. Had a rocky six months or so there. Ancient history now.


Suebob - Yes! Just when you're going on vacation! Cruel.
Zayrina - You know, someone should invent a cunning plastic tag that could latch on to the string. I'm thinking something like those dealy-bobs we put inside 45s to make them work on the turntable.
Becs - You know, I might have mine taken out but it would soil my perfect no-surgery record.
Hattie - I don't think I'll be as lucky as you, but I just think I should be able to gut it out.
Allison - Ah, I had a friend live through that. Periods every few weeks. Misery.
Hattie - I pine for the day it's ancient history.

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