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November 18, 2014



November 18, 2014 column:

DEAR ABBY: Have you ever -- out of the blue -- thought of someone you hadn't seen, heard from or thought of in a long time, and later discovered they died around that time? This has happened to me more times than I can count. No one I have spoken with -- friends or family -- has experienced this. Have you ever heard of this phenomenon, and is there a name for it? -- MISS J. IN OKLAHOMA

DEAR MISS J.: I have never had that experience, but I have heard of the phenomenon. It's called either ESP or coincidence, depending upon which psychic plane you dwell. However, I have had friends "pop into my head" and thought I should give them a call, only to hear from them a few days later.


One night I was feeling nostalgic for my high school boyfriend, my first love. I googled him (as I'd done several times in the past, but it had been awhile). The first thing that came up was his obituary, from just a few days prior. I cried buckets of tears. And later was mystified at how near his death I had the urge to google him. So not the SAME day, but still...


~~Silk - I like the subliminal trigger explanation. You think you spontaneously call a friend. but it's because some cruise line is using the Pina Colada song in their commercials and that song played incessantly your senior year when you were inseparable from your friend. Not quite coincidence, not esp. Having that be the date of the Dear Abby column, I have no answer for that.
Kristie - Well, I imagine I've googled Aunt Rose Mary a few times before, and it didn't come up with the death card, so of course I don't remember it. Plus, she's almost 100, so that raises the odds.

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