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October 15, 2014



Ex#2 was bitten on the calf when we lived in St. Louis, and didn't even notice until the hole was the size of his palm. St. Louis is loaded with the things, and if you don't have a house full of them, it's because
1. Your house is not damp, and
2. you don't have piles of laundry lying around, and
3. you vacuum everywhere at reasonable intervals, or
4. you're either lucky or blind.


Oh, yeah, one more thing - even spiders have to eat, so an infested house also has a lot of other spider-food bugs.

I am a little afraid of spiders; I'm convinced the freakin' things can read my mind. (Ever see a spider, and you think "I should swat that" and the spider turns and looks at you?) But I mostly don't kill spiders in my house because I figure they eat the ants, clothes moths, bed bugs, and mosquitoes.


"Brought on by hubris" HA ha ha ha ha. We had a neighbour once who said something, not to the same degree, but along the same lines, intimating that he found his house way too small for him and his two daughters. I was with my neighbour (it went him, us, her), and we walked away and then immediately looked at each other like, WTF? His house is bigger than ours, and ours isn't huge but it's definitely not tiny. You should bribe the guard at the gate - he'd probably love to see some gawking.


Oh the schadenfreude. Love it! Older houses are all the rage anyway. We have a rental in an old Portland neighborhood and practically every day we get letters from people begging us to sell them the house for cash.
No way. We're leaving it to the kids.


~~Silk- we don't kill most spiders. if it has hair, then it must doe, but the little white basement spiders can live,
Alison- You know, I would have just assumed that guy was some degree of hoarder. The trick with a small house is to give away what you don't use. He'll outgrow that bigger house too.
Hattie - Yeah, people keep wanting to buy Mom's house for cash, too. Pretty obvious sign it's a buyer's market. I can wait for a seller's market, thank you.

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