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October 06, 2014



Wow! I wondered if you were in that crowd last night after I saw you tweet about getting tickets.

It was a great game, and I bet it was even more amazing in person. Now we just have to cross every body part in the hopes they can finish this up tonight at home! I don't know whether to hope for San Francisco or Washington to play against in the NLCS...


Yay! Is that football? I have no idea what's going on! Yippee!

Big Dot

What's with all the empty seats? I know nothing about sport, but shouldn't there be fans?


Beth - I had friends who won seats to the clincher Tuesday. I feel so bad about crushing the Nats last year for the wild card (I think?) that I'[m glad it's the Giants. And then, can I dream, the Royals?On the way into the stadium I heard some guy shouting "People say FORGET about Denkinger, it's 30 years, but I SAY NO!"
Allison - no, baseball playoffs, and it's like ... hmmm ... it's like getting out of the group of death in soccer, on the way to the world cup.
Big Dot - The photo was taken 50 minutes before the game was to begin. I did check, later on the attendance was 47,574, and the capacity of the stadium is 46,861. (I cant explain the discrepancy. At any rate, half an hour in every seat was filled.)

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