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September 02, 2014



I introduced my son-in-law to geocaching, and now Daughter complains that he is obsessed with it. Gary might like it, too. Does he like treasure hunts? It can kick off some travel opportunities (there are geocaches all over the world), and you can either go along on the hunts (drive while he navigates - oops - opportunity for argument) or revel in his absence when he's off solving an especially interesting puzzle. I'm willing to bet that there are at least ten caches within a mile radius of your house. There are also opportunities for socializing with other geocachers, but that part is optional.


Your pies are gorgeous, baked-in marital strife and all. I am stuck in one of those tiresome periods (usually short-lived, thankfully), where my husband's very voice fills me with rage and disgust - I hasten to add that he is a lovely fellow and a near-flawless spouse, and I am just a terrible, terrible person. So thank-you for this. Really.


Santa was off work for weeks after his pacemaker surgery. He could not do much so I had to do chores he normaly did, plus my chores plus my job. We didn't fight much really but I was ready to beg his cardiologist to let him return to work.

You need to learn to just get out and go without him. It will prepare you for widowhood when you finally snap and kill him.


My husband is quiet and handy. Bless him.


(Whispering - couldn't help but laugh out loud at Zayrina's last sentence.)


~~Silk - you know, for some reason yesterday he woke up and did about twenty things. He was just full of energy. We didn't fight this weekend, either. The geocaching does sound interesting. There are some caches about a mile from us. I imagine they're on the trail by the river.
Alison -it is just a phase, and thank you for the reminder. Gary claims he never has those periods of hatred for me. He is a better man than I.
Zayrina- like I said to ~~Silk, yesterday he did twenty things, and ten of them were for my benefit. And the last one was to cook me a steak dinner. That steak covered a lot of sins. I will let him live.
Hattie- buts does he cook you steak? Right now I feel like I have the best husband ever. I'm high on steak fat.
~~Silk - I laughed too. Because it's true.

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