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June 22, 2014



I have owned Hitachi Magic Wands for years. They are the Rolls Royce of vibrators. Once you go Asian...well anyway I did not know there were attachments. No need as best as I can tell. The Asian lover has hit a home-run every time for me, no need to explore the world of attachments.
I do agree it is loud but I am sure I drown it out.


This is like a TMI O Henry story, but without the irony. You make this story somehow adorable.


Zayrina - Okay, here's more TMI. The party's always been in the yard in my ladygarden. If the party moves inside, sure, it's still a good party especially if you still have goings-on on the lawn, but as a host I have to divide my attention and I can't make it work. That is, until these attachments came along. Wow, it works. Great Gatsby level indoor and outdoor party.
Tami - It was sort of a role reversal version of the O. Henry story: if the man got the combs and the woman got the watch fob.


God I'm so low tech with my undying vibrator,vintage 1985. Guess it's time for an update!


Hattie - there's some vibrator named Siri (no relation to the phone) that learns" what you like. Very hi-tech.

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