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People in affluent communities are getting screwed because too many fail to comparison shop ,get discounts,etc.etc. Good for you!


I didn't tell you about cable companies? I've been a bad friend.

I'd also be a bad friend if I didn't advise against Aldi's. Questionable provenance and you have to check expiration dates. You *have* to check expiration dates. I know that they're more conservative than they need to be, but no one should buy 6 year old granola bars.


No store lower than Aldi's? Try Price Rite or Save-A-Lot, home of the $3.49/lb. london broil.


Hattie - Gary is still crowing about the cable coup.
Tami - thank you! I've been checking the dates at Aldi's. The cream was one day away from the expiration date- though cream in my house never seems to expire.
RockyCat - Good to know. There's a Sav-a-Lot nearby. Mom loved the Sav-a-Lot.

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