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April 20, 2014



Scratch test?

Grab a magic marker and write it on your arms and your forehead.

Versed destroys my ability to form short-term memories for almost a year after. I'm thinking might get a medical bracelet. At my age, I can't afford even the smallest edge off my memory. I might go in for some small procedure and come to in an Alzheimer's ward.


~~silk -you know, like the test they use to see if you're allergic to pollen or cats.


I have had Versed for different procedures, the latest being cataract surgery last year. I love the shit. I will take any you don't want. Seriously.


Zayrina -I may be changing my mind on versed


I wonder if that's the stuff that gave me nightmares for weeks after a colonoscopy.


I remember when I had my knee surgery, and they all told me to tell my anesthesiologist. You know when I met him? In the g-d operating room. He had needles and bottles full of stuff, and he was VERY upset than no one had told him about my allergies beforehand. He was, oddly, very upset with *me* for not telling him.

I'd say that I hated that guy, but he put me out all the way for a procedure that I was supposed to be awake for. He said I was freaking out too much. I kind of love a man that can make me stop freaking out and go to sleep, instead.


Hattie - Could be.
Tami - What an asshole! I bet he gave you everything you were allergic to but just put you out so you wouldn't remember. I'm feeling very dark about doctors today. Gary made me feel better by reminding me that everyone we know who has had a surgical procedure felt left out of the process and mistrustful when they went in.

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