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March 11, 2014


Mrs. Hall

wait what now?


Mrs.Hall - You have been here for years! How have you missed the Holy Weeping Cooter? I have added references at the top.

Mrs. Hall

they have labial resection surgery these days. maybe give that a try!


Mrs hall - the blood is coming from inside the house now. Pissing blood not even connected to the same system. I am all kinds of confused. Made a doctor's appomtment.

Mrs. Hall

oh for lawds sake!! seriously ellen's vagina . . GET A LIFE!!!


Oh dear. Darn lady parts anyway!


Mrs hall - It heard you and started to bleed I swear to God.
Hattie - Nice thing about women is that I know every one of a certain age had been through this before and I dont know of one who had lady part cancer.

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