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March 15, 2014



Fibroids will do it. Yup.


#*&%* fibroids.


My story, and what I hope for you --- my last year or more I'd slowed down to about once every three months. Then one day it started, and continued for six solid weeks! I'm not going to look it up, but there are several hormones involved, and when they get out of balance things get confused (I have always been high testosterone - birth control pills actually made me MORE likely to get pregnant). Turns out there was a bit of lining remaining, and the uterus was determined to get rid of it, and at the same time industriously rebuilding it. A D&C fixed the problem.

And if it turns out to be something else, well, you don't need that part anymore anyway, right?


Becs -you know now that I've read more it won't be fibroids - those are a young persons plague.
~~silk-the nicest thing about this is that all women are so open about this -I'm not even a little afraid of cancer because in the years it seems like very woman I know has been through this, D and C sounds like the best outcome, but it sounds like an extended endometrial biopsy. They sedate you, right?


Oh, yeah. Sedated. In fact, I think I was out completely, because I remember nothing. And if you go in yelping Eek Eek Eek I pretty much guarantee you'll be sedated. Heavily.


That photo is sort of a masterpiece.


~~silk -ah, that's a relief
Zayrina - not flattering but it captures my soul.


ouch. but, radiant plastic? wtf?


Magpie - I have been getting these on purpose because of the purple applicators and yellow accessories. Kids today don't appreciate the colors as much as we, who had the unrelenting white.

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