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March 06, 2014



I have been giving bags and bags of avocados away from my prolific tree. Even here in the stores they are $1.99 a pound.
Fritos? Ugh. I wouldn't touch that!


I would have had to try it. Some things you have to try to see if they're better than they sound. I bought a dark chocolate bar with pink peppercorns on those grounds on the week-end.

It wasn't.


Hattie - I was just thinking how economical an avocado tree would be. I also thought it would be very handy to live somewhere you could kill a moose and have moose in your freezer for FREE for an entire year.
Allison - It was exactly like it sounded, which was great for about half a plate. Frito Side Dish that's what it should be. Frito Tart, not Frito Pie. I would never eat peppered chocolate. Salted, sure, that's great, but pepper's the opposite.

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