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February 15, 2014



Back on the meds, girlie. I love that, "you crazy kid." And has it really been five years?

Yes, your mom is immortal and deserves to be.


I am not mentally ill, though. Those voices make a lot of sense to me.
Seriously, as they say, I can't hear my mother's voice any more.


Becs - I suppose she will die when I die. I suppose I could have a baby and name her Margaret. Whoops, no I couldn't.
Hattie - I can't hear it in her actual voice but I certainly know what she'd say on all topics.


Last Monday was my mother's birthday. I didn't think to mention it to anyone on the actual day, and that's been bugging me for a week. No dreams about it, though.


Tami - my brother Nd I always call each other on Mom's birthday. I forgot it this last year.

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