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January 25, 2014



I was very pleased when I met Santa and learned he could cook. I can cook too although he is a fancier cook than I am. We are each pleased with the other's efforts and offer criticisms that are well accepted.

We save our competativeness for cards and board games which gets fierce and ugly. M


Gary: Slow cooked turkey (325) with one cup butter and one cup rum. put in pan & seal with foil. Cook for hours and hours. Best turkey ever.


Cool. My husband doesn't cook a lot, but every once in a while he produces something striking. I can see this kind of thing happening when he retires.


Zayrina - he's begun swapping recipes with his Mom, so they can laugh about what bad cook I am. It's a competition if I like it or not.
Hattie - I was telling him about this at dinner, but I couldn't remember the butter. He still is enamored of the champagne.
Allison -I'm so happy he's taken to it. If he could take up cleaning as a hobby, I'd be over the moon.

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