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November 19, 2013



Yes, it means it's time for Gary to ante up for a new ring, that's the omen.


Hrumph. Gold content too high. Makes metal too soft. Wears through. Get a cheaper setting. Hrumph.


Becs- He offered and I said no,of course. O love my promise ring!
~~Silk - Do you know you can hardly find a yellow gold ring in a jewelry store nowadays? Its all this platinum crap. Bah.


Yeah. I blogged a while ago about how people won't believe a diamond is real if it's set in yellow gold. There is a reason, actually - everybody wants Tiffany settings, where the stone is set up high in prongs (which I hate because they catch on everything), and too high a gold content is too soft for security in prongs. If you get prongs, you need something other than gold, or mixed with gold. So a stone set in gold pure enough to still be yellow has to be a basket or deep setting. Unfashionable, but I prefer it.

All my good stones were bought at estate auctions, so they are old, with low settings. I like them that way, even if others sneer.

The fact that your ring wore so thin so quickly says it's a very high gold content, which speaks well of it, actually.

You may have to have a ring made to order. Or it may be possible to have the underside of this one repaired. For that, you'll need to find a shop with a real goldsmith on site. It CAN be done. I had Jay's grandmother's ring rebuilt.


P.S. A lot of people don't know that bleach eats gold! Gold will actually dissolve in bleach!


A jeweler destroyed my high school graduation ring in an effort to make it larger. I was desole.
My third "engagement" ring is an old-fashioned design, with a deep-set amethyst, but actually new. And my "wedding ring" is three narrow rings in different shades of gold that I got in Italy. I have finally learned to take good care of my rings and remove them when doing yard work, etc.
Three sets of rings, one guy!


~~Silk - They sent it out for an estimate to see if they could attach a shank on to it. If they come back and say it's impossible I think I'll have to get a second opinion from a store that doesn't make a living from selling rings.
Hattie - If I took good care of my rings I would lose them, I know I would. I can name three friends right now who lost their wedding rings. And how was the ring destroyed? Did the embossing on the side get distorted? My Mom crimped my Dad's high school ring in the vise so it would fit on her atrophied finger. Still has the dent. I've got Mom's wedding ring, Dad's high school ring, and Gary's wedding ring, I wonder if there's some weird Frankenring I can make out of all of them.

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