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November 03, 2013



Queen: Whenever I become nostalgic for the dear old days of yore, all I have to think about is what my mother told me about how, in her convent school, each girl was issued 12 rags to get her through her period. The rags were washed and used again. That was a job of the nuns, who would put them in a large pot and stir them about and rinse them and hang them out to dry.
Simply delightful.
I think that pessary thing is a good idea. I would use my diaphragm that way sometimes.


Hattie - okay, the trick with the diaphragm is genius. I wonder if every diaphragm wearer did that?


When I was traveling a lot for business, I used the diaphragm to prevent accidents on planes. It wasn't any good for the purpose for which it was designed because it pressed against the front so tightly I couldn't piddle the whole time it was in.


I had no idea porcupines made noises like that. There should be a porcupine show.

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