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September 29, 2013



I'm surprised that your mom's was light blue. Every single one I've ever seen has been pink or beige-y pink.

Of course you didn't think it was a diaphragm. She was your *mother*. Intellectually knowing that she had sex and having it pop into your mind unbidden are two completely different things.


That's what I always used. Never had an unwanted pregnancy.


Tami - I KNOW! I looked through photos to find a blue one, and I couldn't. It's blue in my memory. (Maybe it was a doll hat.)
Hattie - I have to say, I look at my fingers, and I know my vagina, and I just don't see how it gets all the way up there, unless there's some kind of musket ramrod that comes with it. Otherwise, there'd be a gap that sperm could swim right around.

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