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September 22, 2013



Check the area code online. There are several area codes that LOOK like and act like they'd be regular US codes, but they're actually for Caribbean islands where US laws don't apply, and if you call certain numbers there they act like 900 numbers, and they can "legally" charge you a small fortune for the call. So, yeah, maybe you're being targeted.

When I get a wrong number call, I ask what number they were dialing. If they answer with my number, I tell them to look the number up again. Usually it's a case where they transposed digits or finger-checked, and I tell them to try dialing again. I never get another call from the same person. If it's a case of a message left, I look the number/area code up online before calling to let them know their message was misdirected. So far so good.

Amy in StL

I get messages for a fiberglass repair place. I looked it up and found out it's my number but with a 636 area code instead of the classic 314. I'd look up the number just so you can figure out the confusion. People are grateful when I tell them it's in the 636 area code instead of just telling them off.

Mrs. Hall

SEE NOW. i can't get access to reader or whatever i switched too after reader. so i come here after googling your blog because i don't have it bookmarked and all the blogs i loved are gone because i didn't back up my reader.

but your blog is worth the effort of finding it every time. EVERY TIME!!!



The Queen

~ - I love reverse phone lookup. Found out it is a A Hated Telemarketer.
Amy in StL - I thought about that, but first I checked the internet and it is such a hated number that I feel honored they tried to con me with drama, since usually they just start in on selling cruises.
Mrs. Hall - I called eBay about it today to find how to send the (censored) photo through their system. The indian woman I spoke with claimed to be unfamiliar with the term Labia. I said it was not germane to the real issue. I can picture what the man next to her thought.

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