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September 16, 2013



My heartiest congratulations to you. May the chin plucking begin in earnest now.

The Queen

Becs - To date I have had one hair on my right jaw. I wish all my hairs were that thick and wiry.


Welcome! Please accept our little welcoming bag of goodies including several small samples of KY jelly, magnifing glass toenail clippers, and a bag of depends. We here at "The Change International" ...forgot what we were going to say.

The Queen

Zayrina - Thanks! happy to be here! You remind me I need to check the expiration date on the lube I bought years ago.


Whatever you do, don't start acting like a man. Look around you. Men are everywhere! Do you want to act like they do?

The Queen

Hattie - well, I decided to laze around today instead of doing yardwork. That worked out pretty well for me.

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