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September 04, 2013



I wonder if the Dubuffet is on loan or was sold to the Swedish museum. Did you see his work at the Pompidou? His walk-in room was fun.
Art museums are 100% essential in developing people's taste in art. I didn't see much great art until I went to live in Europe.
San Francisco was very strong in music and had some good local art going on. But I think having the base of European art is important. It provides a good standard of judgment of art over-all.
I'd love to see those Beckmans.

The Queen

Hattie - I saw nothing at the Pompidou! We were so disappointed, It all seemed to be temporary installations. We've got good impressionist work here and of course Chicago is just a few hours away.

I'm spoiled in St.Louis. I always think every town has a world-class zoo and a great art museum, both for free, and I'm shocked when they don't.


Museum prices always shock me because we are so spoiled here.

The Queen

Caroline - Yes. $22 for the San Diego zoo, when ours is free? I know it's the only zoo in the country better than ours, but how do people take their kids there?

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