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July 01, 2013


Mrs. Hall

seriously. you have.no.idea. how frustrating it is to read/watch youtube videos, eat, go to the bathroom with kids in your life. nothing can be done without interruption. i do tell them to DO SOMETHING ELSE WITH YOUR LIFE when they are circling me like bees and i'm trying to get my hulu on. but, will try your dad's expression. that is funny! :)


So are you posting this from work or did he come get you?


Mrs Hall - I think a large factor is the fear people have today of letting the kids out of their sight. Mom and dad had lots of quiet time because we were encouraged to ride whereever we wanted on our bikes from the age of six. If we came home before dark all was well.
Zayrina - Ha! He came to get me after he called back later. He was even on time. I have appropriated his car now that the Mini isn't starting.


I'm still available to help with rides, although I'm off work until Monday and you'll probably have the Mini back by then.


Caroline - thanks, but I'm not even taking the Mini in until the next paycheck. I've got Garys car. He's not going anywhere. He needed his car to go to the dentist that day.

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