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June 06, 2013


Amy in StL

It was kind of a shock once I realized that they not only monitor our emails and listen in to our phone calls here at work; they occasionally go through our desks. My dad gave me the way to rig my drawer so I know if it's been opened - but I just prefer to have my cube a mess so they're afraid to open anything!


I know people who have been fired because their company cell phone gave their location away (they were not where they were supposed to have been).

We all know Big Brother's watching. In a way it makes us feel safer, but we also know it's jeopardizing our freedom. And after Boston, we know it's not really making us any safer, because the government is such a bunch of incompetent bozos.

Those who will sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither. That's exactly what we're getting here.


And why we should probably all be pitching a bitch, even though we know it really won't matter all that much in the long run.


Amy in StL - I lost my desk drawer when I started cube sharing. Now everything is piled in a file drawer. Good luck to them. It's their drawer, they can look at it if they want.
Benchmark - have you seen Hatties recent blog that quoted someone saying the positions of PRIVATE citizens and PUBLIC officials have traded places? I liked that for the semantics, but I'm focusing on what individuals can say is private. I think it's reasonable to say the only privacy you have is inside your house away from the windows. The wires to the Internet and the cell towers are outside your house. Good to know the cell phone can get me busted though. I would never have thought of that.


Patriot Act. When the Patriot Act went into effect, we all lost our privacy. "No!" some of us screamed, "This is too far! The abuses are too easy!"

Our screams fell on deaf ears that were also filled with concrete.

I know that I have lost the majority of my privacy. If, one day, I decide that I can't stand it, I'll move to Monaco or something.

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