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June 24, 2013


Big Dot

Wow! Apart from the whole bear-climbs-up-tree-towards-person thing (all very resonant to someone who's just returned from black bear country and been told ALL about such things) I was astonished by the absence of any verbal reaction - till the selfie at the end which is PRICELESS. Magic. Thanks, Queen and Zayrina.


Big Dot - You can see the camouflage shaking, too.

Mrs. Hall

yeah, the bears are like giant squirrels. just getting checking out. seeing if there's food. ya know, doing bear stuff. . . :)


I'm guessing since he is in a deer stand he has a gun, or guns. I would be a whole lot more confident in that position.


Mrs Hall - giant killer squirrels.
Zayrina - Gary's immediate comment was "Why doesn't he just shoot it?" I suppose I'd only shoot a bear that was in my face if I had an automatic weapon. What if you just wounded it?


The guy is clearly not immediately threatened by the bear who is only being curious not agressive. There would be absolutely no sportsmanship in shooting a bear who is not being a real threat. Rewarded for his humanitarian approach, the hunter now has the story of a lifetime.


Zayrina - Hmmmm. That bear looked smart enough to play all innocent until he got close enough to eat you.

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