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June 13, 2013



I remember reading something about Quebec having a relatively low obesity rate. Sounds like the citizens can get a good workout without having to go to the gym.


Hello. I've missed you, what with me being so busy at work. I need a new left knee. Quebec shall probably never see me again. Poor Quebec.


I can tell I won't be able to go there until I've put myself on a serious stair climbing regimen but like Tami, I'm afraid my knees won't be up to it.

You should have mugged somebody to get their coats. It looked cold.


Becs, we should totally get brunch some time. Somewhere with really accessible parking and comfortable seating. Knee solidarity and all. Plus, you know, brunch.


Arlene - not only that, they pay 22 bucks a month for ice removal. I can just imagine that place in a ice storm. I saw some chubby people but they were all probably tourists.
Tami and Becs - you both could do it. I complain but stairs are easy when there's something interesting up top. And I forgot one set of steps - our St. Louis parking garage because the tornado knocked out the power.

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