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June 16, 2013



I just suffer when it gets caught in my necklaces.


I occasionally shave the back of my neck. One can remove most of the stubble by feel. And, it's best if the hair at the top of the neck is long enough to cover any inconsistencies introduced at the new hairline.

Years ago, I gave myself a spiky short cut--lots of compliments. I was living in Los Alamos at the time, where nobody could cut hair, and frantically preparing a presentation. Just did not have time to drive down to Santa Fe, which was where I usually got a cut. No way would I attempt anything that extensive these days. My bravery seems to be waning.


You could just get a style that integrates the hair in the back. Why are they cutting it so high anyway?


My husband Santa was getting a hair cut one day and the chickie cutting it asked how far down the back of his neck she should cut. I told her to pick a random spot because he is hairy all the way to his butt. He really is. This past spring his Darier's disease required that I do major trimming because of a rash he gets. For shits and giggles I trimmed him in the shape of a "beater". (His shoulders and back are that hairy when I snuggle him I am always going "phhhhtttt" and scratching my nose). Anyway after I trimmed him up he had to have PT for his back. The therapist had him remove his shirt and was all WTF? I nearly pissed myself laughing.

Oh wait you were asking about women I bet. I am blond and we be hairy back there. I don't shave it though. Long hair I have. Letting it all grow I am.


I sent a post and it did not show up. Is it because I bragged about my beautiful and neat hairline?

Amy in StL

I don't understand how low your hairline is that she needs to cut it. Can you not wear your hair that long?


Becs - You have such lovely thick hair. Mine just snaps off in my necklaces.
Arlene - I can't imagine being that bold. That is daring!
~~Silk - I have a long jaw, made longer by the wattle, and I think he felt I needed some lift in the back so my profile doesn't appear to be melting.
Zayrina - Hilarious! I almost regret Gary's perfect level of hairiness.
Hattie - I don't know - it ate my reply to your comment that I entered last night. I did it from the iPad ad I blamed that.
AmyinStL - It's thin and cowlicky, so when I wear it long it turns into two pitiful hanks.


I know that when I cut my hair above my shoulders, all I can see in the mirror is my multiple chins, so I keep my hair long. Having said that, I'm feeling around back there, and it doesn't feel like my hairline goes down all that far.

I never thought about that, before.


Tami - I would love hair that's thick enough to conceal anything, but instead I'd just have wisps that draw they eye toward my flaws.

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