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June 28, 2013



My daughter and son in law bought a big house. It seemed empty. Now it is full of junk.


Hattie - oh, that's sad. I need to de-junk my small house. Move some junk to the spartan basement, anyway.


I started phase one of the de-junking of my bedroom. I have a 21-year old to come help me. I expect there to be 5 or 6 phases. As my basement and living room are already de-junked, I'm either feeling very satisfied or very nervous about it, depending on the moment.

So Gary's stress point is you being the breadwinner, huh? Totally could have seen that one coming.


Tami - I keep telling him that he bought me a house, and I owe him. "That was the past!" he bellows. But, just tonight he announced that he likes our life. (Tonight we visited parents, ate sausages, and watched Netflix. Pretty low key.)


I truly believe that any night involving sausages and Netflix has potential.


Tami - well, then tonight has potential too.

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